Monthly Archives: August 2004

“The past, the present, and the future…overlap in a messy configuration. Architects can never get and keep control of all the factors in a city which exist in the dimensions of patched-up expendable, and developing forms”.

– Lawrence Alloway, The Independent Group.



‘Wulfstan’s exploits in Wycombe are well recorded in a number of sources and are worth mentioning again. He was Bishop of Worcester from the reign of the so-called Confessor until that of William Rufus. He stopped in Wicumbe one night on his way to court in London and stayed in a ramshackle old house. In the middle of the night the house began to shake violently, started creaking and cracking, then the rafters fell. Everybody fled for their lives except old Wulfstan who kept calm and slowly made his way out onto the street and as soon as he was clear the whole place collapsed. Shortly afterwards he was invited back to Wicumbe to consecrate the parish church and not wanting to disappoint the locals miraculously cured a maid of a grievous disease of the mouth and throat.’
– From Bucks Biographies, Margaret Verney 1912